PR samples sent for review will clearly have an asterisk next to the product's name. All other products without such an indication have been bought with my own money or gifted to me. Being given samples sent for review does not at all affect my view of a product. I look at all products the same way as if I were buying it myself, and it does not change based upon whether I paid for it or not.

I'm always looking at new releases of beauty/skincare products and am often buying them as they are available. I understand how influential social media/blogging/etc are in regards to hyping up products/brands, and I would never sacrifice my own integrity by pushing a product/brand that I do not like or support. I would never write a biased review for a brand due to their popularity. For the sake of transparency, and my own personal morals and honesty, everything will be correctly labeled and disclosed. All opinions expressed about any products on my blog are 100% my own words and beliefs. I humbly accept opportunities that I feel are beneficial for both my readers and blog content as a whole. I take great care when it comes to reviewing a product, so you will be getting my true honest opinion of it with both positive and at times constructive criticism.

I actively use affiliated links in my posts, by which I may receive a small commission from.
*Updated: 06/2019
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