About Me

Hello! I'm Mika.

Hello Himawari is a beauty blog with content about makeup, skincare, and Asian beauty. 

My main usage of this blog started out as a creative outlet from my busy daily life. I feel like we can all get so wound up in the stress of daily anxieties that it sucks out our creativity and passion for things that we love, so I made this blog originally to keep my love of beauty going. It's now turned into much more than that and I've happily found a blogging home with Hello Himawari since Fall 2015. I've been blogging on/off for about seven years now and I truly do love it, from writing posts and taking creative photos, to talking with those kind enough to leave sweet comments (one of my favorite things about blogging in general is talking with readers/friends!). Blogging is such a fun hobby of mine.

I'm a very big fan of both low and high end beauty, Western and specifically Japanese and Korean, and a mixture of other types. I spend a looooooooooot of my free time looking at new releases of products/soon to be released products in the industry, reading blogs, being active on social media beauty spaces, etc, and I enjoy every single minute of it (okay, maybe not those really late nights waiting for new products to drop but...).

I do need to say: I'm not a professional or expert in beauty or skincare, nor is my job in either of these fields. I don't claim to be an expert, either. I only write about my experiences using products and it may not reflect how a product works for you. I'm just someone who enjoys talking about beauty and sharing my enthusiasm with others!
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