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In terms of using Korean makeup, I've always pretty much stuck to using the same brands and have rarely stepped out of my comfort zone. Lately I've been more open with trying new things and so far the products I've tried have been a hit!

One of the brands that has impressed me is Heimish. I first heard of them through Instagram and was attracted to their chic packaging. Heimish's brand tagline is "No More Normal," putting importance on effortlessly worn natural makeup to heighten your beauty. I'm sure those who are involved in AB circles will know of their much hyped All Clean Balm. In addition to their All Clean Balm, they have a cleanser called All Clean White Clay Foam. Heimish has a wide range of makeup products, from blusher palettes to cream eyeshadow sticks.

I was kindly sent a care package from the StyleKorean team to try out and review these three Heimish products: Breeze Beige Eye Palette*, Dailism Serum Rouge Lipstick in Morning Calm*, and Dailism Mineral Rich Lipstick in Fine Day*.

Breeze Beige Eye Palette

7.5g | $26.91 | (Buy here)

Heimish has a total of six eyeshadow palettes available: Blissful Plevy (blues and greys), Brisk Grey (greys), Balmy Khaki (green and browns), Lovesome Brink (pinks and browns), Cozy Coral (coral, pink, and browns), and Breeze Beige (creams, browns, and copper).

They come in a sturdy black colored palette with eight colors to choose from. The packaging gives it a very chic feel, accentuated by the rose gold lettering on the front with the brand's name. It is very light but that doesn't take away from it's simplistic stylish exterior or quality. It has a click function to make sure it doesn't open during travel and a fairly good sized mirror to help with on-the-go application.

They also included a rounded double-ended brush for multifunctional usage. The left side can work for applying eyeshadow and blending due to its fluffy top, while the flat right side can work as a smudger, packing on the chunky glitter shades, and liner. While I appreciate including a brush for travel, I do think it severely underperforms in comparison to the quality of the eyeshadows. I usually apply the shadows with some of my Wayne Goss eye brushes and opt to not even pick up the one included with this palette.

Top (L-R): Darjeeling Milk, Earl Grey, Mocha, Cappuccino; Bottom (L-R): Roiboos, Yuja, Silver Pearl, Espresso

There are eight colors available in this palette, ranging from cream, brown, and copper. Starting from the top left and working your way right, then bottom left to right, these are the colors and their names:

  • Darjeeling Milk: matte cream 
  • Earl Grey: satin taupe-y champagne
  • Mocha: satin amber 
  • Cappucino: bronze pressed glitter
  • Rooibos: matte light beige 
  • Yuja: satin coral rose
  • Silver Pearl: silver pressed glitter
  • Espresso: satin espresso brown

Darjeeling Milk and Roiboos are the only two matte shades in the palette. Both of these kick up some powder when you dip your brush in to pick up shadow. Even though they are both matte, they are not the same quality. Darjeeling Milk is quite powdery and a tad dry, however it does work wonderfully as a base shade and applies smoothly. Roiboos on the other hand is a lot softer in texture than Darjeeling Milk and also more opaque. Roiboos is another great base and blending crease shade. 

Earl Grey, Mocha, Yuja, and Espresso are the four satins in the palette. I think what's most fascinating about this palette is that the shadows in the pan do not necessarily look the same once worn. Earl Grey takes on a taupe champagne color, Mocha appears as an amber color, and Yuja looks quite pink in the pan but applies as a vibrant coral rose color. Espresso is more closely like its color in the pan, but what's different about it is that it applies quite sheer and on the dry side. I was expecting a strong color from how it looks but it doesn't hold its weight in this aspect. It does apply patchy due to it being so dry but I usually layer it a couple of times to even it out. Since Espresso isn't a bold color, it works very well for natural makeup and adding some subtle depth to your look. 

Yuja and Mocha are very vibrant colors in the palette, and both apply soft and evenly. Mocha's rich, opaque amber color makes it the strongest color in the palette. I really enjoy it the most out of all the shades. I especially love to foil the shadow and pack it on my lid for a more dramatic look. On the other hand, Yuja is on the sheer side and takes a few coats to get a strong opaqueness. It also does well using the foil method and packing it on the lid. Earl Grey is alike to Yuja in these aspects as well, as it appears very soft from the first layer. Yuja and Earl Grey are both two-dimensional shades since you can use them as a light wash of color or to add more intensity, depending on how you apply them.

Cappuccino and Silver Pearl are the two chunky pressed glitters in the palette and are a great variety with the other shades. These both cause the most fallout compared to the other shades and need some extra time to even them out. I would recommend applying them with your fingers or wetting your brush beforehand so that you don't get a lot of fallout. Since I have hooded eyes, I've mostly applied them with the foil method and also on top of glitter glue. Those two methods have been the best for me personally and I find that they last longer compared to just applying them as is.

Overall these eyeshadows have surprised me with how great of quality they are, especially from a Korean brand. Often times I find that Korean eye makeup products do not really perform as I'd like them to and I'm left feeling a bit disappointed or just content. This Breeze Beige palette has a wonderful variety and works for numerous types of occasions. The satins are my favorite to use since they are so soft and blend the best.

Dailism Serum Rouge and Dailism Mineral Rich Lipsticks

25g | $13.45 and $15.13 | (Buy Morning Calm) (Buy Fine Day)

Heimish has four types of lip products that they sell: Dailism Mineral Rich, Dailism Serum Rouge, Dailism Water Drop, and Dailism Gradation Cushion Tint. I was most interested in trying their Serum Rouge and Mineral Rich lipsticks since they are both at different ends of the spectrum, one being more sheer and the other opaque.

Heimish's Dailism Serum Rouge range has eight different colors available. The product is housed in a sleek, glossy tube that uses a magnetized locking system. There is no discernible scent to the lipstick and it also has some weight, which adds some luxury-feel to it. On my fair skin, it shows up as a baby pink with hints of coral. The lipstick itself is rounded at the top and works well with its shape to apply the product on your lips. Whether you have smaller or bigger lips, the rounded shape allows you to have an easier application. Since it is on the sheer side, I always apply it layer-by-layer. I've found that tapping the lipstick, instead of swiping, has given me a cleaner look and makes it so it doesn't bunch up on my lips. You do need to really prep beforehand, otherwise it may not look as smooth.

I've loved using this lipstick because it is so sheer and doesn't feel heavy to wear, although it doesn't last as long as I'd like. Do not expect this to hold its own if you are drinking or eating, which honesty isn't a negative for me or a problem, but this may not perform well for those who expect longevity out of it. I'd put it in the range of 2 hours of wear time before I feel the need to apply more, since it does fade a bit. I don't mind seeing my real lip color peak through as it fades, it adds a very nice natural look. My favorite aspect about this product is that it's just so easy to thrown on, regardless of what look I'm aiming for, and sits well under lipgloss too. I've loved pairing it with Tom Ford's Ultra Shine Lipgloss in Tawny Pink and THREE Cosmetics Shimmering Lip Jam in Infant Kiss.

Left: Fine Day; Right: Morning Calm

Heimish Dailism Mineral Rich Lipstick comes in eight shades, ranging from pinks to red. Fine Day is the only 'nude' looking color available and is quite contrary to its online stock photo color. Rather than nude, I would say that its color is an vibrant orange-y coral. There is a subtle scent to the lipstick but hardly noticeable when worn. The packaging is alike to the Serum Rouge line, glossy exterior with a magnetized locking system, but the only difference is its box shape. I do find that the locking system on this lipstick is a lot sturdier compared to Serum Rouge. Its tip shape allows more precise application but takes a bit more time to smooth out. This is very opaque and needs only one swipe to fully cover your lip color. Alike to Morning Calm, I've liked tapping it instead of swiping since it lessens its vibrancy. You need to really prep your lips beforehand since it will highlight any inconsistencies. 

If I had to compare this lipstick to a similar one, I would say that its very reminiscent of MAC's Coral Bliss Cremesheen but it's on the satin side. In the past I was really gravitated to these bright, vibrant colors but this is not very flattering on me at all. I've hardly worn it and especially don't like that it pulls very orange. This lasts about 3-4 hours without needing to touch up. I have not tried applying concealer before it, so I'm not sure if that changes its color or not. In regards to its positive aspects, it is very creamy and comfortable to wear. You hardly feel like you're wearing lipstick since it feels so light. If you're looking for a summer lipstick then this might be a good choice. 

I hope that these reviews helped you get a better sense of Heimish as a brand and the kinds of products that they produce. I'm very interested in trying out more from Heimish! StyleKorean is currently offering 10% off (Code: May10) on purchases from 5/23-5/25, so it might be a great time to pick up some products during their sale. They offer international shipping and have a great amount of AB products and deals.

What are your favorite Korean makeup products? I'd love to know! Thanks for reading!

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*This product has kindly been PR gifted. All opinions are my own. See my disclaimer for more information.

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