Whoops, I meant to get this out waaaay earlier than now, but better late than never! And no, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The title of this post is indeed true! Max Factor has returned to our U.S. retail stores where it rightfully belongs... well, for a limited time at least! 

Pat McGrath, global makeup artist and creative design director, has released a limited-edition capsule collection with four brilliant products: Masterpiece Max Mascara*Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eye Liner*, and two Colour Elixir Lipsticks in Simply Nude 725* (right) and Maroon Dust 735* (left). Released in August, you can buy these four products at your local Target, Walmart, and Walgreens, along with online on Amazon and Drugstore.com, for a limited time. I believe that this collection will be in retail until end of September (don't hold me to that though?), so you might have time if you haven't yet gotten any products from it!

This capsule collection was specifically developed to "be a fresh, modern take on an iconic glamour look: the sexy cat eye paired with a nude or rose-colored lip." I absolutely agree with that description as both the lip colors and the eyeliner create such a glam look, and the mascara really adds the dramatic effect by how they thicken and elongate your lashes. If there's one thing I truly miss about Max Factor's makeup being readily available here, it's how amazing their mascara is. This liquid eyeliner and mascara are actually part of a collection already, named The Enticing Cat Eye, that also is acommpanied by an eyeshadow palette full of romantic tones and spearheaded by Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel as their model. They also have a tutorial that you can follow using products from the collection. If you've gone in person to buy these products, you might have noticed that Max Factor has been promoting this as their Enticing Cat Eye collection, without the eyeshadow palette. 

Masterpiece Precision Liquid Eyeliner 

$9.99 | (Buy here

Masterpiece Precision Liquid Eyeliner is described to "transform your look" by using its velvet formula to glide on smoothly and drying quickly for "chic sophistication and bold drama." It's an interesting shape by having the paddle tip, as its able to give you two types of looks: thick and dramatic, or fine and elegant. I've tried multiple of ways to use this liner, as I always tend to do a cat eye if I wear it, and I do prefer to use the fine tip really the whole time instead flattening it. Seeing as I have hooded eyes, I can only get into certain small areas and using the curved sides as the 'marker' tip has been my best bet. I think if someone had more room then using the flatter side would be possible and effective for a quick cat eye.

It dries pretty fast, lemme tell you... which means you gotta be precise. It reminds me of a marker, in a way? Not just the shape, but as it dries it doesn't have that glossy look that most liquid eyeliners do (you know what I mean). It is such a dark black and liquidy but not in a runny kind of way? It's just perfect. When I do use it on my eyes I try to apply it coat by coat, since I have hooded eyes I don't want the liquid eyeliner to hit the top of the skin that overlaps, and that seems to work the best for me. Liquid eyeliners and I have not been on the best terms, although I used to be a pro using Elf liquid eyeliner (seriously it was good and cheap but not the best to use having a part-time job at a restaurant). I have sworn my allegiance to Kat von D's felt-tip liner Trooper but I find that it's not really that kind to oily skin, even with the best primer, and I rarely use it during summer since it doesn't last long on me. However, the Masterpiece Precision liner stays on really well and makes a very thick cat eye flick. I haven't been able to make any thin ones since the tip is kind of a weird curved spoon (?) shape, but if anybody has mastered that ability then kudos to you!

I have only one real negative with this liner: it's kinda hard to get a precise and thin line in the inner parts of my eye. Due to the fact the curved tip (if you can call it that?) is so large, and my area to apply liner/eyeshadow etc is not a big space, it can get frustrating trying to figure out a way to not make a big 'ol line. It's quite easy to just end up making my whole eyelid coated in black eyeliner (it happens more than I like), but it doesn't help if the liner doesn't have an easy-to-use ability for those of us who don't have a large amount of space to work with. What I've done is having to angle it a certain way to use the sides to accurately create smaller lines and work slowly to build up how I want the shape and thickness to be. After that, it's pretty easy to use!

Masterpiece Max Mascara

$9.99 | (Buy here)

Masterpiece Max Mascara is a "high impact, volumizing mascara" that works to create "bold, smooth, sleek lashes," even claiming to say that it does all this with up to "four times your bare-lash volume." Now, after you take all that information in, take a look at the brushes on this mascara. What I really appreciate is how defined they are, in the sense that the bristles are thick coated. Although they may not have the longest bristles per say, I think it's their ability to hold onto the lash and use its thick density to provide volume when it can. They literally will glide with your lashes, adding plumping factor and so-called high impact that Max Factor claims. I had no trouble getting in the inner corners or outer corners of my lashes, even with how short mine are. It didn't smudge on me when I did use it, even on the hottest days, and kept its shape. 

If I'm really honest, I've worn false eyelashes for a long time now and at one point would wear them on a daily basis (especially during long shifts at work). My lashes are not very full or long, in my opinion, so I tend to just throw on some mascara to cover up their natural color. I have been wearing the Max Mascara on its own without false lashes, and it's been really refreshing. I never really felt the need to wear false lashes. I've also been afraid to wear false eyelashes like how I used to since I happened to damage my eyelashes from the constant usage of them and improper care of taking them off (or rather, ripping them off). I bring this up because I tend to have some spaces between my lashes where previous ones were, so I really like to use a mascara that gives me a lot of volume all around. 

While I don't think this mascara did me any favors for adding any volume at the base of my lashes, as they still look quite thin, they did elongate them a bit and at least made it seem like I actually have lashes by adding volume to my outer most lashes! I really think that made my eyes look much more open and wider, as mine are almond shaped and can look really small, so the mascara really did help in that regard. In my book, that deserves all of my support. 

Using both the liner and mascara;
Eyeshadow: Chanel IDO New Moon, By Terry Bronze Moon, MAC Sketch (lower lash line) + Haux (crease) + Nylon (inner corner) + Brule (brow bone), MAC Feline Kohl (tightline + waterline)

Colour Elixir Lipsticks: Simply Nude + Maroon Dust 

$13.99 (orig.), prices vary | (Buy here)

Now these lipsticks are styled a bit differently compared to how they are presented normally, with having an 'X' stamped over the front of the packaging and also lipstick themselves. I'm not sure why they changed that with these two but it's the same lipstick and formula, nonetheless. They are claimed by Max Factor to have "active moisturizing ingredients" to transform your lips into looking luscious and full, along with giving you the look of smooth, plump, and soft lips with complimentary colors. Supposedly there are "60% emollients, conditioners, and anti-oxidants including Vitamin E" in the lipsticks, which would explain how moisturizing they are to wear. Simply Nude 725 is a nude-pink, verging on baby pink, and Maroon Dust 735 is a burnt orangey-coral mix.

Maroon Dust is hard to explain, because on my skin tone it is reflected as a much different shade compared to how I see a lot of people describing it to be (aka as a nude---not a nude on me, really). I'm not a fan of this color at all, I've worn it a couple of times and have been really disappointed by how unflattering it looks on me. For medium skin tones I think this would be a perfect color, but fairer skin tones like me (and I mean VERY fair) probably would be best to skip unless you like colors like this. It looks like a very burnt orange with some coral added in and red undertones, maybe good for Fall?

Simply Nude is exactly the kind of lipstick that I go for, perfect amount of pink and nude all in one! I've worn this baby nonstop and I have to say it's going to be in my collection for as long as possible. It works well with the lip liners that I already own and I love adding a gloss on top, makes my lips look even more plump. It lasts a good amount of time (about 3 hours or so, no eating/drinking, before I feel the need to touch up) but I have to say you reaaaally better exfoliate your lips before and put on some good chap stick to make sure it glides on smoothly. It's such a cute nude pink color, honestly think for fair-very fair skin it's a must. I've loved pairing my Chanel Glossimer 297 to make it look a bit more pink-beige, probably my fave combo with it!

Simply Nude (left), Maroon Dust (right)

I'm really so happy that I got to chance to try this capsule collection. I'm hoping that more will be readily available for purchase and that more mini-collections will happen too... maybe making way to bringing it back fully? Who knows. Either way, it was great at least to have Max Factor products in my hands again after so long! 

Have you gotten anything from this collection? What are your favorite Max Factor products?

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*All products in this post have been PR gifted. See my disclaimer for more information.

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