Irresistible Me Diamond Ceramic Hair Styling Iron

Growing up I've pretty much always had long hair, except for a short amount of time in middle school where I looked like a long lost member of The Beatles (call me, Sir Paul!), and it's kind of been like a trademark feature of who I am. It's not even just long hair, but very thick and curly hair, which are two combinations that are not at all enviable for a multitude of reasons. Add that it's also color treated and can get quite oily, and you have a very high maintenance head of hair. 

I've had to make it a point to get quality products since my hair really needs a lot of care, like using Olaplex (lifesaver for chemically treated blondes), and investing in hair tools that cause less amount of damage to hair (my hair is fried as it is). I find that because my hair is so thick, it takes a specific type of product to really be able to work with it successfully and keep the styling. I stopped using straight irons a while ago after my trusty one broke, and have relied on blow drying straight my hair (really taking care of two things at once, since everything takes forever to do). I really thought that I wouldn't ever get another straight iron again. However, I was contacted by an Irresistible Me rep recently to try out their Diamond Ceramic Hair Styling Iron* and have been so blown away by how well it's worked for me. If there's one thing to know about me, when I do on the off chance say something's worked for my hair, you honestly know it's good. I rarely talk about hair care/products but after using this for over a month now I've literally been telling everybody about it. Today I thought I would finally get around to sharing it with all of you!



Beauty subscription boxes first exploded onto the scene with an outlandish amount of hype, with more and more being created to add to that hype. Nowadays it has calmed down, but there are definitely more popular ones than others. Beauty sub boxes are undeniably on a whole different level and the amount of them out there at the moment, along with new ones that keep popping up, can be a major hit/miss. It becomes a bit tiring to be bombarded by so many and given false hope, and especially when your expectations continue to be not met. I've been at my wits end with sub boxes, most recently cancelling my Sephora Play! subscription and this past year ending my Birchbox one. The concept of sub boxes is simple, so what's the problem? Is it the consumer or company? The expectations or execution? Does it come down to the products themselves vs personal taste? Whatever it is, when you've found the right sub box for you, everything just seems to click.

Well, I can say for certain... things have definitely clicked for me. I can owe that all to Mintd Box, a UK luxury subscription box service that specializes in high-end skincare, makeup, and haircare products from a variety of exceptional and respected brands. Offering a subscription plan of your choosing, you are generously given 4-5 full sized beauty products in every box. Yep, you heard me right... FULL SIZED. Mintd only offers full sized and travel sized products, no more silly little samples! Mintd's London beauty team makes sure to choose products that are both globally in trend and also tailored to your personal preference by analyzing your Mintd Box beauty profile that you create when you sign up. Each monthly box has its own theme and is curated so that you are spending less but getting much more out of it. Mintd takes products from a multitude of stores like Harrods, Space NK, Selfridges, etc, to name a few, so you are getting some great brands to try in your monthly box and at a great size too! The products are packaged in a luxurious white box and wrapped so beautifully, tucked together inside and precision is used to make sure nothing is damaged in shipping or that presentation is anything less than classy and sophisticated. Even before seeing the products Mintd Box impresses. 


purpletale: Korean Skincare Review

We believe that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can't help but share goodness with the world around you.
This motto doesn't ring truer than it does for purpletale's vision of their products and for those who use them. By using "wholesome, enriching ingredients that nourish your skin," purpletale has created an array of products that are simple to use and ones that "make it easy to feel beautiful from the inside out." Purpletale, a Korean skincare brand, is named by being a combination of two things: purple, not only just a color but also representing their participation in supporting causes that spread good and positivity in the world, and tale, which represents the importance of everybody's beauty story (and ultimately their happily ever after). I definitely do agree that when you feel good about yourself, your motivation and strive for success is a lot stronger compared to a mindset of feeling not good about yourself.

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