An Introduction to Trilogy Skincare

Trilogy is a skincare brand that is no stranger to the blogging realm. Using certified organic and natural ingredient skincare products, this Kiwi brand has been all over the blogspace for quite some time. The abundant plant derived and lush pure seed oils, as well as their own trademarked components (such as their antioxidant Rosapene), mixed with other valuable skin nourishing ingredients make Trilogy a brand that is deserving of all the hype it gets.

I'm pretty sure everybody has either heard of their popular Organic Rosehip Oil or currently own it/have owned it at some point. Although this product seems to be their main talking point, there are so many more from them that are of similar great quality. Three products that I think deserve some major recognition are their Hydrating Mist Toner, CoQ10 Booster Oil, and CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate.



June Favorites

Surprisingly I've got only two makeup products this month as I've been really invested in skincare as of late!

I've raved about Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Look In A Palette Natural Beauty on instagram nonstop since I got it, and I honestly have not set this baby down. I've mostly used the bronzer and highlighter as they really are just so complimentary on my skin tone, even more so than the original Filmstar Bronze & Glow (I did a comparison of them, you can see here). I have played a bit with the middle eyeshadow shade and it's really so lovely to use all over the lid and the inner corner of the eye. These shadows especially are so buttery and soft, I wish all of Charlotte's shadows were like this! I also apologize for being so late in my review of this palette, I meant to upload it ages ago but you'll be seeing it soon in another post I have planned.

Tom Ford's Revolve Around Me has been a big staple for me transitioning into summer as I 'play it safe' color wise. I really enjoy the color and also the lipstick itself! It's the perfect amount of nude and slight amount of peach/beige to where I don't look totally washed out (as I'm really so fair). Tom Ford has come out with amazing lipsticks for his summer collection and his nude colors from his regular line are some of my absolute favorites.

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