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Burberry this past April-March (USA/UK dates) released a new lipstick line called Full Kisses, one that Wendy Rowe dubs a "firm favourite" in her kit, and has established itself as quite the rebel in comparison to Burberry's other lipstick products. "Rebel," really? Well, a bit over the top, sure... but I say that in the best way possible. If you've been a fan of Burberry makeup but have not enjoyed the sheerness of their lip products, then you'll fall in love with the creamy, opaque, and moisturizing Full Kisses lipstick line.

Full Kisses are a "full-coverage lipstick to shape and define lips with bold, long-lasting color," and are sold in fourteen beautiful shades ("two nudes, three pink tones, two coral shades, three plum tones, three rosewood shades, and one iconic red"). Described as a "revolutionary new lipstick" by Rowe, it claims to deliver a "full and vibrant color with a luminous finish" and last up to eight hours. It also supposedly works "to tighten and strengthen the lips, as well as repairing and smoothing" them.

The shape of the lipstick is especially important, as the flat tip bullet "enables you to easily shape the lips without needing to use a lip liner" and adds "dimension to the lips and creates an effortlessly full pout." The shape was also made to help those with easier application, as its claimed that you don't even need a mirror to help apply them.

I managed to pick up six colors from the Full Kisses line:
The colors are equally all so beautiful and very opaque. I found them to be very lush and moisturizing on the lips, and they really do just glide right on (almost a little too much at times). These lipsticks are on the creamy side, so you have to take care when applying them or else they will bunch up on your lips and look uneven in places. An example of that would be my swatch of Oxblood at the bottom of my post, which I found to be the one to mostly do that and I would advise you to be extra careful with when applying. I also would make sure that your lips are prepared well before using these. They have a lovely luminous finish, creating the look of fuller lips, and are very lightweight. The wear time for these is pretty moderate but I disagree with the eight hour claim made initially about them. If anything, you will have some leftover stain but nothing at all substantial by that end mark (especially if you are eating or drinking). If you are sensitive to fragrances, then you won't have to worry with these as they are not too heavy handed with it. 

The flat top of the lipstick is a brilliant style that is reminiscent of Tom Ford's summer collection lipsticks that also use a flat top. I'm very much a fan of that style as I have really uneven lips, and it's a struggle within itself to apply lip products and make my lips look symmetrical. I did need a mirror to apply these but I was fine wearing them even without a lip liner. If a lip product can do that for me, then that makes it pretty good in my book as I use lip liners most of the time when I wear lip products. 

I'm not sure if it strengthened or repaired my lips, but I do feel like it softened and moisturized my lips well as I wore them. I always get a bit wary when I see 'skincare terms' in relation to makeup products, so I tend to keep my expectations low, and for this I'm glad they were as I did not feel like these lipsticks had any kind of skincare capabilities for me personally. However, I'm really quite happy with the lipsticks themselves and the color payoff and performance. 

What I'd like to bring attention to is the packaging, which gets a lot of negativity from me. The body of the lipstick looks very chic and sleek, and its circular shape and flat top/bottom makes it really user friendly. I have no qualms about that as I really think it adds to the luxury feeling of the product. The negativity I have is actually from the cap of the lipstick, which ruins a lot of the experience of enjoying the product. The circular cap seems to look fine per the rest of the similar body shape, as you would think, however when removing the cap it tends to scrape against the lip product itself. By doing that, it takes off little pieces to bigger pieces of the lipstick, ultimately damaging the product and wasting the money you paid for it. If you notice my English Rose (fourth in the lineup), which is unused at the time of me taking these blog photos, it is damaged due to me removing the cap and scraping chunks of it off (trying to be as careful as possible). It would be such a minor thing if Burberry would have made even a few more inches within the area separating the lipstick from the cap surrounding it, because otherwise it makes me less inclined to even reach for these as I'm afraid of wasting product and damaging it. Even after I took these pictures over a month ago, English Rose has been scraped more and I managed to get some off of Military Rose at the back. It's a real issue and I'm not the only person who thinks so, as I've spoken to a few people who own some of these and they share the same feelings as I do. I would keep this information in mind if you're looking to buy these.

English Rose in the middle is pretty damaged, it's actually my favorite of the whole bunch I have!

Rosewood, the second lipstick in the lineup, has some minor damage as well from removing the cap. 

Photo taken inside in front of a window. Left to right: Oxblood, Military Red, Rosehip, English Rose, Nude Blush, Rosewood.

Photo taken inside in natural light. Same L-R as above photo. 
I have no regrets buying these and I think Burberry has created an amazing lip product. I only wish that the cap could be changed to make the experience better. I definitely think my favorites have to be Rosehip, English Rose, Military Red, and Nude Blush. I hope this was helpful if you've been thinking of buying these!


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  1. These shades are gorgeous, especially Military Red! :) Pity that the cap damages the lipsticks. Burberry could really work on improving that.



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