Burberry Full Kisses Lipstick

Burberry this past April-March (USA/UK dates) released a new lipstick line called Full Kisses, one that Wendy Rowe dubs a "firm favourite" in her kit, and has established itself as quite the rebel in comparison to Burberry's other lipstick products. "Rebel," really? Well, a bit over the top, sure... but I say that in the best way possible. If you've been a fan of Burberry makeup but have not enjoyed the sheerness of their lip products, then you'll fall in love with the creamy, opaque, and moisturizing Full Kisses lipstick line.

Full Kisses are a "full-coverage lipstick to shape and define lips with bold, long-lasting color," and are sold in fourteen beautiful shades ("two nudes, three pink tones, two coral shades, three plum tones, three rosewood shades, and one iconic red"). Described as a "revolutionary new lipstick" by Rowe, it claims to deliver a "full and vibrant color with a luminous finish" and last up to eight hours. It also supposedly works "to tighten and strengthen the lips, as well as repairing and smoothing" them.

The shape of the lipstick is especially important, as the flat tip bullet "enables you to easily shape the lips without needing to use a lip liner" and adds "dimension to the lips and creates an effortlessly full pout." The shape was also made to help those with easier application, as its claimed that you don't even need a mirror to help apply them.

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