Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection Summer 2016: Lipsticks

Let's all just take a deep breath. Okay, release. Alright... now, let's talk about Tom Ford's new lipsticks from his Soleil Color Collection for Summer 2016.

There are two new lip product formulas that he has come out with this summer: Ultra-Rich Lip Color and Moisturecore Lip Color. Both feature six vibrant colors that range from dark purples to bright corals. Ultra-Rich Lip Colors are $52US/C$63/£39 for .10oz and Moisturecore Lip Colors are $55US/C$63/£39 for .09oz. Ford describes these lip products as "innovative lip formulas in sheer-to-full coverage colors" that have "hydrating, nourishing benefits." Ford has brought back his classic summer white gold packaging, with the Ultra-Rich Lip Colors having similar design to the Lip Color Sheers with the thinner sides and horizontal top lipstick stamped with his initials. Tom Ford has repromoted Sweet Spot and Paradiso from last summer, as well.

Ultra-Rich Lip Colors are described as "full-coverage, high shine lip color that moisturizes lips." By using this lip product, "lines appear smoother, softer and suppler, while reducing lip flaking." It guarantees "luminous and vivid color" lasting up to six hours.

Moisturecore Lip Colors are "two innovative formulas in one lip product." Within the middle of every lipstick, there is a "liquid core infused with passion fruit oil" that provides moisture and hydration. Surrounding the pink passion fruit oil core is a luminous color made of "exotic blend of melon fruit extract, murumuru butter and plant-derived esters that help condition lips." Each color available in the line is "sprinkled with subtle golden pearl" and provides "lightweight color that lasts for hours."

I managed to pick up three Ultra-Rich Lip Colors and two Moisturecore Lip Colors from Sephora during their sale (perfect timing, really!), along with other products that I'll be reviewing in a different post soon.

(Pictured: Aphrodite, Revolve Around Me, Purple Noon)

I'll start with his Ultra-Rich Lip Colors.

Aphrodite is a bright-medium french fuchsia color. It's a gorgeous lipstick that is semi-opaque to full coverage with very fine micro-shimmer. I reaaaaaally love this color. I don't think I own anything like it, which is quite a treat. It wears really nicely too, it didn't go into any of the lines in my dry lips or anything, which gets lots of appreciation from me. Not going to lie, I really also had to get this because of the name!

Purple Noon is a rich berry. It's semi-opaque to full coverage with purple micro-shimmer. It has a lovely glossy finish. I got the most out of it in terms of pigmentation. This is a must-have shade in my opinion, it's a beautiful deep color that not only you can wear during summer but also in fall as well. I give this one extra kudos because I gotta love Ford's appreciation of French classics (there is also a lipstick called Le Mepris, which I really should get, I know!). 

Revolve Around Me is a medium beige nude. What a beauty! It's semi-opaque to full coverage with gold micro-shimmer. It fully covers my pigmented lip color seamlessly and has a creamy application. I knew that I at least had to get a nude color and this seemed the best bet. There is a darker colored one that I knew wouldn't suit my fair skin so I opted for this. Reminds me of Sable Smoke but much more moisturizing and with a shiny finish? This is a warm toned nude and seems a great one for summer. I think this is going to be one of my favorite nudes in my collection. 

Tom Ford Beauty did a great job with these Ultra-Rich Lip Colors. I'm really impressed. The colors and formula are really unique and enjoyable to wear. I found them to be a light-medium hydration. I have very dry lips and most lipsticks are not hydrating enough for me (I usually just have to put a lot of lip balm on before, Glossier Balm Dotcom is my savior!). I actually really like their consistency as overly hydrating lipsticks tend to just get everywhere. These all can easily be built up to pretty much full coverage application. In comparison to Tom Ford's regular Lip Colors, these are much more hydrating but look less opaque. They have a thin texture, which makes it easy to layer them and also to apply. They turn into a lip stain after so many hours of wear, which I really like. I think if you wore these with lipliners they would really help their longevity as well. I think what impresses me the most is that it actually did what it said, in that it did make my lips softer and reduced lip flaking (which I have an issue with). Bravo. 

Pictured: Mustique and Carriacou.
Now for his Moisturecore Lip Colors.

Mustique is a warm light pink. A cute pinky lip for summer. It's sheer-medium coverage and has gold pearl reflects. It has a shine finish and quite creamy, the passion fruit oil is very nice as you apply it as it glides on the lips. The lipstick itself felt heavy after I applied it and only somewhat went away after it settled onto my lips. I found that it settle into some fine lines, especially the outer portion of my lips. I really like the color, it's such a cute pink and actually I think I would prefer to use it during Spring rather than Summer. It reminds me of Flynn from the Lips & Boys Collection, which is just a tad bit more peach.

Carriacou is a warm pinky coral. A lipstick that is complimentary to many skin tones. It's semi-opaque to full coverage with gold pearl reflects. It has a shine finish and much lighter on the lips compared to Mustique. It also applies creamy with the passion fruit oil core to moisturize the lips and help with the application. Although I did notice it also settling into fine lines on my lips it wasn't as noticeable like it was when I wore Mustique. The gold pearl reflects were much more noticable wearing Carriacou, which I'm sure if you are a few to multiple shades above from my very fair skin tone it would look absolutely stunning and compliment you very well. This is a color I can see myself wearing this Summer, absolutely. I did notice that it leans a bit orangey on my fair skin.

I really like this formula. I find that it's enough hydration for my lips and application is fairly easy. Similar to the Ultra-Rich Lip Colors, they turn into a soft lip stain. I don't like the heaviness but I can deal with it as it goes away. There is a lovely vanilla scent to it that is not overpowering and only lasts a few minutes, so if you're sensitive to fragrances I think you'll be okay. The rounded top is great for the upper and bottom lip in the center but as you try to apply it on the sides it gets kind of messy, so maybe just be careful in those areas. The lasting power of these aren't that great, which is my only real negativity about them. I did expect that before buying them so I'm not too upset about it. I think they are both worth the price point as I don't own anything like them and I do find they moisturize my lips to the extent that I like them to be. These two colors are ones that I gravitate towards and the packaging is just beautiful.

Here's some swatches on my fair skin. Ultra-Rich Lip Colors layered 2-3 times. Moisturecore Lip Colors layered twice lightly. 

Overall, beautiful lipsticks. My tip would be to exfoliate and prep your lips very well before wearing either lipstick formula. I didn't buy anything from last year's summer collection so I have been quite happy to pick up numerous products from this one. Do you have anything from this collection?



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